Changes to Canyoneering Courses

We are making a few changes to our courses in 2016. Several years ago we offered a Canyon Day as one of our training days for our canyoneering courses. Steve and I have gone back and forth extensively and have decided that we are going to bring this back to our courses..But with a slight twist. Here are the changes that we are making for this year.

Change #1

--There will be required reading before students come to our class


--First day will still be in a classroom setting but we will spend a majority of the time working hands on. There will be a space in between our classroom setting to our field day. Each student will be required to practice a minimum of 8 Hours before returning to our field day

Our field day won't change. We will still be out on the rocks practicing skills. Our change will be in how this is scheduled. We will schedule it around our class participants.


--Canyon Day!! We will be holding a final exam in a canyon of our choosing. Each of our students will be reviewed and will be asked to perform skills worked on over the previous weeks. Upon completing the canyon we will have a debrief session and students who have successfully completed the skills checklist will receive a certificate from DarkHorse.

You may ask yourself why we are doing this. We feel it is important to help people retain the information they are receiving. By adding a Canyon day we add the "TEST" needed.

As always if you have any questions please give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions.

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