Canyon Rescue Course

Steven Jackson ACA certified guide and instructor

Course Description
How often do you sit back and think about the “What-ifs” in canyoneering? Have you played a rescue scenario in your head and wondered, “How would I solve this?” or “What could I do to help?” Canyoneering is a remote sport requiring at times “Self-Rescue” techniques. This workshop is designed to give you a few extra tools to help with these situations should they arise.

Skills and Topics Covered:
-Mechanical advantage
-Piggy back mechanical advantage
-Rigging conversion systems
-Canyon rescue systems
-Assisted rappels
-Tandem lowering systems

Gear Requirements
Backpack, harness, helmet, rappel device, webbing, multiple locking carabiners and a safety tether. Please wear sturdy shoes, nothing opened toed. Ropes Provided by the instructors.

Please come prepared to get down and dirty! Dress for the weather. We will be out amongst the rocks on the second and third day so pack a lunch and bring plenty of water.

Meeting Location:

Day#1 The first half of the day we will do some classroom teaching at Out N Back in Orem, then we will head 20-25mins south to Diamond Fork Canyon for hands on training. 

Day#2 We will meet up Diamond Fork Canyon for the day

Out-n Back
418 N. State Street, Orem Utah

Canyon Rescue Course


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