Have you ever asked yourself the question,"How do I get top performance our of my employees?" or "How do I motivate my leadership team to give their very best?" If you have asked yourself this question, you are not alone. Employers have tried varying methods to help incite better performance out of their employees. Cash incentives are generally top of the list. Unfortunately research has shown that cash incentives are generally short lived. It has also shown that the top motivating factor for employees is event or experience driven. 

At DarkHorse we provide a unique experience to either motive or reward your leadership team.


-Leadership training:  The leadership skills we teach are had by all and are no secret. Our strength is in our classroom. Mother nature has provided the obstacles, which we use to put your leadership team's ability to listen, communicate and problem solve to the test. Canyoneering plays off of peoples strengths. Quickly teams learn that it takes all involved to finish the canyon successfully.


-Incentive Trip: Spend a day with your team in some of the most beautiful places Utah has to offer. Canyoneering is safe and can accommodate people of most physical capabilities. Your team will be led through a day of adventure with our highly skilled, trained and certified guides.


Our adventures cost much less than most and are completely customizable. We can offer the right adventure to fit your team's specific needs. Sign up with us today and discover what adventure truly is.

Darkhorse Leadership and Retreats


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